South Bank Gin

Jakob Steiner Herbal Liqueur

Jakob Steiner is a genuine German herbal liqueur, distilled to a traditional but secret recipe from the 1600’s, and is made from 42 herbs, spices, roots and fruits such as:

Nutmeg, Sweet Orange peel, Liquorice, ragweed, cinnamon, Mugwort herb and Angostura bark to mention but a few.

The vacuum maceration and distillation techniques mean that we preserve every one of the 42 flavours that make this smooth yet complex herbal liqueur.

  • Volume: 0.7
Herbal Park

Herbal Park Kräuterlikör

More than 17 ingridients, including apple juice, blackberry juice, black currant juice, grape juice, honey, mint, briar, yarrow, sorrel, chamomile, calendula.

Rich flavor of dried herbs and juices of wild berries softly reveals with a strong cooling. The taste is complemented by spicy notes of bitter oranges, sage, vanilla, licorice and wallnut, tones up and invigorates with icy sparks.

  • Volume: 0.7