AK 47 Vodka

Vodka “Kalashnikov AK 47” is the perfect and above all original and exclusive gift for your friends and family! Vodka “Kalashnikov AK 47” presents itself as a high-quality alcoholic product, which comes in an original and not usual form. This vodka not only has an exceptional product design, but also offers you and your friends and acquaintances an extremely high quality product, made with the best craftsmanship and the finest ingredients.

  • Volume: 0.5

Makarov Pistole Vodka

The Makarov pistol – the legendary gun, known from literature, film and television. Its solid construction and reliability has made it a legend and a very popular weapon. It’s considered the best gun of the twentieth century! We offer this superb vodka with the look of the legendary gun in an astounding, detailed ceramic version which makes him look just magical.

  • Volume: 0.1