khortytsa ICE

Khortytsa Ice

This vodka embodies the coolness and impeccable Arctic purity. Its highlight is the unusual bottle that changes color at a temperature of +5 ° С.

The secret of unusually refreshing effect lies in the formulation of vodka, in the natural, aromatic spirits of mint, lime and menthol incorporated in it.

  • Volume: 0.5, 0.7

Khortytsa Platinum

The main feature of this vodka is its unsurpassed softness, which has been achieved thanks to an optimal balance of all ingredients. This vodka is created for those who appreciate delicate flavour. It is perfect for making cocktails.

  • Volume: 0.5, 0.7, 1.0

Khortytsa Classic

Khortitsa classic vodka is unique because the amount of each ingredient is measured with pinpoint accuracy. Today, the best guess as a measuring instrument has been replaced with modern high-precision technology. This helps to preserve the unique taste and flavour of classic vodka, while making it lighter and softer.

  • Volume: 0.5, 0.7

Green Day Discovery

The world-class elite vodka for those who are open to change and enjoys everything that happens in their life. Green Day Discovery created just for them. This vodka is a really discovery of a pure taste and delicate softness. If your choice is the best, then your choice is Green Day Discovery.

  • Volume: 0.7

Green Day

It’s perfectly clean classical vodka with a special mild flavor. The recipe includes oatmeal infusion, which makes the taste harmonious and balanced.

  • Volume: 0.7

Green Day Maple

Vodka Green Day Maple is a product of a premium quality. For the production of vodka is used the highest quality syrup of production company Citadelle (Canada). Exclusive Eco vodka has a special soft and delicate pleasant aftertaste.

  • Volume: 0.7

Kalinska Vodka

Triple distilled, Kalinska Vodka possesses a pure character and superior taste. It possesses a smooth character and superior taste. It is made from a base of wheat-grain, a traditional base for Russian and Slavic vodkas called «luxe».

  • Volume: 0.7, 1.0