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Chateau Barbe D’Or Bordeaux Superior Red

Lovely deep cerise colour, fruity on the nose with some strawberry and raspberry notes. Powerful at the outset, luxuriant with a good balance, light woody note in the middle of the mouth. Firm at the end with a tannic feel that gives the wine longevity and a long finale.

  • Volume: 0.75

Chateau Barbe D’Or Bordeaux Rose

Lovely very pale pink colour, fruity with notes of grapefruit and a little floral with some hints of jasmine.  Fresh and lively in the mouth, very refreshing with long persistence for the finale.

  • Volume: 0.75

Chateau Barbe D’Or Bordeaux White

Lovely colour with beautiful pale green highlights.  In the mouth, the vivaciousness of the aromas work in partnership with a round, supple substance.  Aromas of dried fruits with hints of honey.  Lively, fresh and long for the finale.

  • Volume: 0.75

Chateau Barbe D’Or Entre-Deux-Mers

Very fruity, intense and expressive, structured and lively, very aromatic in the mouth with an explosion of exotic perfumes, pineapple.  Lively, fresh and long for the finale.

  • Volume: 0.75
Sauvignon Blanc

Prada del Sol Sauvignon Blanc

After a period of maceration after extraction and clarification of the wort and cold, slow fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature between 13 ° C and 15 ° C, to protect the peculiar primary aromas of this variety. After fermentation, the wine remains in contact with its fine Lees, intending to increase the sense of volume on the palate and enhance its ability of aging.
Attributes taste came from pale yellow colour with greenish reflections. Very complex nose with notes of fresh grass, a mineral foundation which gives it personality and abundant fresh fruit such as citrus, pineapple and melon. In mouth it leaves a fresh and aromatic sensation of clean and persistent finish.

  • Volume: 0.75

Prada del Sol Garnacha

It is generally spicy, berry-flavored and soft on the palate and produces wine with a relatively high alcohol content, but it needs careful control of yields for best results. Characteristic flavor profiles on Grenache include red fruit flavors (raspberry and strawberry) with a subtle, white pepper spice note.

Grenache wines are highly prone to oxidation with even young examples having the potential to show browning coloration that can be noticed around the rim when evaluating the wine at an angle in the glass. Wines made from Grenache tend to lack acid, tannin and color.

  • Volume: 0.75